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With a career spanning almost 11 years Anthony Battle is quickly becoming a seasoned musician. Not only is he an accomplished drummer, but he is also a keyboardist and music producer. Anthony began playing the drums at the age of 15 with his church Share the Love Ministries in Lumberton, NJ.

Anthony quickly excelled at his craft giving him the opportunity to be the Musical Director and drummer for artist Jay Criss (Pop, Fresh Fuzion). Anthony has also played for various artists along the East Coast such as, Lydia Rene (R&B,Soul), Jermaine Jones from American Idol (R&B, Soul), Daarinah (Gospel, Hip Hop), Wali Lundy (Rap, Fresh Fuzion), STL (Gospel), J Soul (Gospel), Stevie R. (R&B), Lakeisha Cochrane (Inspirational), and hosts of theatrical productions and music festivals.

Anthony Battle is a self taught multi faceted musician who can play a wide array of genres from Gospel to Pop. Anthony subscribes to a certain level of musicality that involves supporting the artists’ vision and not detracting from it. He feels it’s important that the music not only sound good but feel good as well. Currently, Anthony is in the process of launching his production company called Feel Good Muziq that is in collaboration with Monopoly Media Group, LLC.

Aside from music, religion and spirituality are two very important parts of Anthony’s life. As a Christian man Anthony believes that nothing is possible without GOD.

Anthony Battle has been fortunate to have been surrounded by some of the best musicians in the industry. In 50 years Anthony would like to be known for timeless musical compositions that set a standard of creative excellence and he is well on his way.

Influences: Rashid Williams, John Blackwell, Dennis Chambers, Mike Clemons, Eric Greene, Buddy Rich, Dave Weckle, Erik Tribbett, George “Spanky” McCurdy, Leonard “Pudge” Tribbett, Aaron Spears, Lil John Roberts, Tony Royster Jr, Lil Darrell Robinson, Calvin Rogers, Trevian Chandler, Travis Barker and any upcoming drummers.



Cymbal Setup:

13, 14" Hi-Hats, 16, 17, 18, 20" Crashes, 10" & 12" Splashes, 14" China, 20-22" Rides

Drum Setup:

8x6, 10x8 and 10x12 Top Toms, 14x14 & 16x16 Floor Toms, 20x22 Bass Drum and 8x14 Snare Drum

Media Clips:

New Chapter: The First gig I did using Saluda Cymbals …“looked around and it was good.”


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