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Brian Bush Saluda Cymbals Endorser

Nemesis Set Up: 14" hats, 17" Vented Crash, 18" Crash & 22" Ride

Saluda Cymbals

Brian Bush is from a little town called Trenton, SC. He began playing in churches from a young age. From there, he began to read drum music and got involved in band and the marching rebel regiment. He began playing chior music and he took another turn into quartet. He has played with The Brewsterairies, 3 Key Choice, The Radio Angels and is the current drummer for The Anointed Brothers.

He has been blessed to grace with Lee Willians and the qc's Doc McKenzie and the hilites Darrelle McFadden and (DMD) the Cantons and many others. Brian's favorite drummer is Antrun (Tron) Sherrills.

Brian continues to play Saluda and represent them everywhere he goes. 'Reason I love Saluda Cymbals...they have great creativity and they make cymbals for your sound'.

Brian Bush Saluda Cymbals


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