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With over 20 years experience playing drums, degrees in jazz performance and education, opened for Mustard Plug, Super Villains, 1349, Holy Grail, The Anchor, Calico Coopers Band, Besto Blanco, Streetlight Manifesto and others. I joined The Dev in December of 2018 and we have already headlined House of Blues, played on daytime radio in Australia and also on local radio in Orlando. We record in the same studio as a Day to Remember and have a huge local following. We even had a featured spread in loud wire and alternate press magazine. I try to have a hard hitting sound with slight jazz undertones hidden within ghost notes and fills. Saluda Cymbals cut through the mix and have the hard hitting sound you want in a hard rock or metal sound. They are exactly what I'm looking for.

Chris Dev

Chris Dev


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