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David's Diversity ranges from R&B soul to Christian Rock/Pop and he most recently played with national artists Robbie Seay and Aaron Hale. David has also worked with acclaimed produced Ralph Patlan who has produced Megadeth and various national artists. "I have been greatly influenced by drummers like Steve Jordan because they are patient and lay down exactly what the song calls for, with a dash of personality. I also Steve Jordan, Aaron Spears, JoJo Mayer and Vinnie C. ...a cat that can cross the boundaries and make everything sound musical.

With regards to gear, I am very happy to be on board with Saluda. I was an artist with another cymbal company for four years and I always felt that something was missing and what it was happened to be a versatile sound. Saluda cymbals provide that versatility with their different cymbal lines and they actually do everything "in-house"! I chose the Earthworks and Nemesis cymbals because they offer different tones for different playing situations. Plus I like the personal touch in support from Saluda. They care about delivering a quality product, which is rare in such a large mass production indurstry. I look forward to representing Saluda on tour and in the studio.


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