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D'Angelo Scruggs is a young drummer based out of Washington, DC. D'Angelo is mainly (but not limited to) a gospel musician. However, he has played multiple other genres, such as Smooth and Free Jazz, Reggae, R&B, Neo-Soul, Soul, Country and Ragtime Blues, Latin, Bluegrass and Honky Tonk. Although D'Angelo is the drummer for the group, Remnant of Annapolis, he plays for many other groups. D'Angelo started playing drums at the age of 18 months. It was a phenomena to see that a baby who hadn't long been walking was able to keep consistent timing on drums. D'Angelo grew up playing drums with his church and with his Dad's gospel group, The D.C. Aires of Washington, D.C., which is what gave him that stepping stone to eventually venture out with other groups and genres. D'Angelo loves drums and plans on doing it for the rest of his days on Earth!


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