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How To Get Saluda Cymbals

1. Direct Ordering: For sales, phone us at 803-446-8000


2. Visit our sales site at Drum Gear Online:, Email:


3. Trade Program: Do you have drum gear laying around that you don't use, like cymbals, drums, electronic drums? We can also take in guitars, recording equipment and just about anything music related.

Are you ready for a fresh cymbal sound? Trade in your used items for our new, custom crafted cymbals in any of our cymbal series. Email us for more information.


4. Check our Ebay Auctions: we sell and auction a wide variety of cymbals. Some of these are even one of a kind designs and prototypes. Click Here to go directly to our Ebay Auctions. Our auctions help to fund our operations and research projects.

Where to Buy Saluda Cymbals
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