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Mike Krieger

Mike Krieger is a mercenary musician operating out of Austin, TX. In addition to working with anywhere from 4-8 or more bands at any given time, he also does pick up gigs for studio sessions/live gigs, sound engineering both live and in his home studio, private lessons, master classes, video editing, and light design.

The Greenest Drummer in Austin Texas

What really sets him apart from other drummers in town, though, is the fact that he has a flatbed bicycle trailer, on which he takes this massive drum kit to and from his gigs. As such, he has claimed the title of "The Greenest Drummer in Austin". "It's about a 20 mile round trip to go downtown and back, so getting down there, playing a 2-3 hour show, and getting back are certainly a great workout. But hey, at least it saves on having a gym membership!"

Mike Krieger

Mike has been an exclusive Saluda user since 2014, and has declared them the best cymbals he's ever used. His favorite in his collection thus far is his 16" custom made Symbolic Series ride. "I literally use this thing on every live gig I play. It's got such great versatility for tiny clubs and giant venues. Nice, crisp, clear bell ping, and just enough wash that I can ride on it without it completely covering up the rest of the kit."

Greenest Drummer

Mike Krieger

Saluda Cymbals

You can see more pics/videos, hear most of the albums Mike has been on, and book him for any of his services at his website:


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