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Mark is a multifaceted musician, with titles such as writer, vocalist and instrumentalist, just to name a few. Influenced by an array of genres of music, from traditional Gospel to Pop, Mark got his start right in his local church, in his hometown of Washington, D.C.. Blossoming at the age of 18, Mark has accompanied many local artists such as Mike Trotter, Tonya Blount, Donald Simms, Jr. and many more. Mark received his first opportunity to tour at the age of 18 with Chevela and the Spiritual Voices of Washington, D.C. Since then, Mark, affectionately known as TJ to many, has rocketed in his pursuit of true musicianship.

With God being the focal point of his life, Mark believes it is vital to support the artists vision as well as the artists success, and not detract from it. What's next for Mark? He will be taking on a major role as the drummer for national recording artist, Kevin Levar and One Sound. As he remains faithful to his craft, Mark believes, the sky is no longer the limit: it's the place beyond the sky that he calls, "success"!

Influences: Dennis Chambers, Tony Roster Jr, Aaron Spears, Thomas Pridgen, Chris Coleman, Jamal Moore, and many others.

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