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Saluda Cymbals

Musical Timeline:

-January 2012: Joined the Los Angeles based progressive metal outfit, Samudra. Check out the bands page at to hear Mike on Samudra’s album, Reformation!
-August 2013: Left Samudra to pursue other drumming opportunities in the industry.
-October 2013: Currently playing with singer/songwriter/guitarist Lauren Rozells.
-April 2015-Present: Continuing session drumming, fill in gigs, and playing with independent musicians and singer/songwriters throughout northern California.
Mike Homen

Mike Homen's Saluda Cymbal Set up
Saluda Selections:

1. 14" Nemesis China
2. 6" Nemesis Splash
3. 14" Nemesis Hi-Hats
4. 17" Nemesis Crash
5. 8" Nemesis Splash
6. 19" Nemesis China
7. 20" Nemesis Ride
8. 19" Nemesis China
9. 12"/14" Rogue Vented Trash Hats


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