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I Started drumming in the fourth grade in the school band, playing the snare drum. This introduced me to reading music, basic rudiments, and playing in front of an audience. I continued through to the eighth grade, and then took a pause until I received my first kit at sixteen. Self taught, I learned by playing along to my favorite bands and influences at the time: Dave Ghrol, Travis Barker, Morgan Rose, and Taylor Hawkins to name a few. They could be attributed to my playing style, heavy hitting, fast, tom heavy, driving and straight forward, while maintaining dynamics, creativity, and playing for the song.

Parker Bradshaw

At eighteen I began touring with the band Celerity. This took me all over the country, eventually to Athens, GA, and really gave me the love and appreciation for touring, playing live, being in the studio, and being in a band. Iím currently playing with Burns Like Fire, a punk rock and roll band(Athens, GA). We have had great opportunities playing with some of our influences and favorite bands: Bad Religion, Propaghandi, and Against Me to name just a few. We are heavily influenced by bands we grew up listening to in the 90ís: Rancid, Alkaline Trio, Hot Water Music, and Bouncing Souls. We play how I love to play, high energy, with crowd participation, and with passion. Past band affiliations: the K.I.D.S., Celerity, The Pretty Please, Grim Pickins & the Bastard Congregation, The Bastard Congregation, fill in for Your Favorite Hero (Knoxville, Tn.) Seagulls (Atlanta, Ga).

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Parker Bradwhaw


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