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Perry Earl

Having played countless live shows at various clubs, churches, theatres, festivals, schools, bars and restaurants, I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with bands and solo artists performing blues, rock, jazz, gospel, metal, hip-hop, country, funk, classical and orchestral. I began playing live shows at the age of 14 and I have had a passion for delivering emotion through live music, ever since.

Raised in the Sunshine State, I began playing drums at the age of 9. While excelling in music programs from elementary school through college (marching, stage/concert, and jazz band), I also studied privately to become more proficient behind a kit. I focused on learning to apply rudiments and technique, creatively around the kit.

Perry Earl

After far too many years of overplaying despite being told that “less is more”, something changed in the way I perceived genres of music that I had previously ignored. I gained a whole new appreciation for session drummers that I had never heard of, and I began to understand the following: 1) I was not as good as I THOUGHT that I was, 2) There is a time and a place for everything, and usually it is not here and not now, and 3) The most important thing that I could do as a drummer was to treat all of the things that I had learned over the years as if they were "tools" to WRITE music rather than "ingredients" to fill it up. Focusing on timing and groove to transform my approach and solidify my foundation, I began playing for the MUSIC rather than playing for myself.

- Creativity... in the Pocket!

Perry Earl


Since I began playing live as a teenager, I have been consistently playing with original rock bands and Praise and Worship teams, simultaneously, throughout central Florida. I am currently playing/writing/recording with the Florida-based original funk-rock band Almondy Brown, as well as playing every Sunday as a permanent member of the Redeemer Church of Lakeland PCA praise team. (Make a joyful noise!) On top of that, I have recently began teaching private lessons, again, after about a 15 year break, and I couldn't be more happy with these 3 areas of my life, musically. I proudly play and I am an official endorsed artist of Saluda Cymbals. I also proudly play and (unofficially) endorse Ddrum drums. I could not possibly begin to put together a better combination of products, passion and people for myself, for my church, or for my students!

Perry Earl



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