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Simon Divine of Violent Divine:

The latest Video/Song: For I Am Sin.

Simon first started his life of drumming first at the age of 13, and rock and roll was the obvious way to start. Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Metallica, Judas Priest, was some of the first influences to his drumming. But he felt a little bored; it was a little bit too simple, and all of a sudden - his fatherís weird odd-time metal and fusion-jazz become more and more interesting. This is the time when his father introduced him to Dream Theater and Mike Portnoy.

Mike Portnoy is the drummer who influenced Simon the most to become the drummer he is today. Mike Portnoy and Dream Theater isnít just a big influence to his drumming, also his songwriting sometimes reminds you of the heavy beats of DT.

In this period he was like obsessed with odd-time signatures and progressive metal. Therefore, he formed a band called Equil, made his voice heard and started producing some awesome songs along with the guys, which you can find on Spotify.

He got an opportunity to rehears with Violent Divine, through one of the members of Equil. Sean-Joel, also known as SJ had just joined Violent Divine and said they could need some attitude and full-attack drumming from behind and talked him into try out as the new drummer. Just a couple of rehearsals later Violent Divine had found their new drummer Ė Simon of Divine.

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ď- The heartcrushing hardbeating drummer with the most extremely wide taste in music. In his mp3-collection you might find both Dream Theatre, Rush as well as mathematically complex fusion-jazz. Simon is the only one in the band who is theoretically educated - some sort of "attended school of rockstardom" while being able to know why, what and when to do it - whatever it is that we do. Simon is also in S.J's other band Equil.

When the lights are out, you might find Simon playing bass and vocals to his mysterious coverband. Other stuff you need to know about Simon is: meat-eater, beer-drinker, hell-raiser, educated engineer and a real blonde. Musical heroes are Mike Portnoy and John Bonham. Ladies: We have a winner! ď

With the new members of Violent Divine, the sound transformed into a much heavier, metal kind of sound. But the basic idea of the band is still standing strong: Manic vocals - Loud guitars - Thunderous bass - Heartcrushing beats - Great songs and an in-Your-face live performance!

In December 4th 2015, Violent Divine released their 4th album Hyperactivity Disorder, and with it a brand new video. In this video you can see Simons Nemesis cymbals!

For I Am Sin.


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