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Mr. Florelli was born in Sicily (Italy) in 1976. He spent part of his childhood in New Jersey (USA), where he still lives. Periodically, he travels to Genoa (Italy), where he lived 27 years (1983 to 2010).

His music career began studying with the composer and drummer Max Biaselli (1992), and he graduated art (Artistic lyceum P. Klee). In 2000, Santo continued his studies at the Modern Music Academy in Milan (AMM) and privately with the Italian famous drummer Agostino Marangolo. In 2010, Florelli completed his studies by attending the “Collective Music college”  in New York Cityfor an intensive course.

Santo is also having a career as a music teacher that began in 1998 when he promoted new educational initiatives at the Scientific Lyceum “Cassini” and in the Artistic Music Academy “ Sinafe”, Musical Study Center “ CDM” all in Genoa (Italy).

He cooperated with many italian jazz band and the rock band “Altera” with Franz Di Cioccio, famous singer and drummer (PFM) .

Santo Florelli had also different theater experiences with the directors Graziella Martinoli, Nella Bozzano, Alfred De Grazia and the choreographer Markus Zmoelnig.

Other music collaborations with Terrence Brown, Matteo Merli, Kimmy Chi, Jimmy Weinstein, Tommaso Rolando, Marcello Picchioni, Giulio Gaietto, Bobby Soul, Martin Grace (Delirium), Francesco Moneti, Facundo e Santiago Moreno, Marco Tindiglia, Mike Fisher, John Solley.

Today Santo Florelli is endorsed by “Rotodrum” and “Saluda Cymbals”. He plays in “Terrence Brown Trio” in “Mike Fisher Funk Band” and in the Italian-Argentine band “Aparecidos with that he played in Russia and Europe.

Discography: “Canto di spine”(2004) , "Lo que hay en el charco" (2009)  Dodicilune Label (, Twelve Days of Fitness” (2010),  Palito  bombom (2011 ).


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