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              Originally from Rochester, New York, Ty was born into a very talented, musical family. His obsession with the drums began at the tender age of 8 when, in 1981, his father brought home a copy of Rush's iconic release "Moving Pictures" and played the record in its entirety. Both his father and grandfather were very accomplished jazz drummers in their own right and he credits both as being inspirations for his continued passion and drive behind the kit. Ty has played with various bands throughout his career from New York to California. He is the current drummer for Syracuse, NY based band One Step From Falling.

One Step From Falling

One Step From Falling is a conduit for a rare breed and style of music baptized in the name of “Heady Metal”. Since 2011, they have captivated, mesmerized, and surprised audience after audience with their unique sound, and energetic live performance.

One Step From Falling

              Following the successful releases of The Wayside in 2015 and Stuck in 2018, streaming plays have flowed beyond the tens of thousands across many platforms. Digital sales have graced ears from coast to coast and even internationally. 2017 and 2018 highlights included performances at Ink In The Clink, Rocklahoma, smaller festivals, tours, and of course: the highly anticipated release of Stuck. For this album, One Step From Falling worked with Grammy recognized engineer Juan Saucy Peña in the SoHo district of NYC at Downtown Music Studios. Peña is a platinum award winning engineer, and has worked with notable artists such as ASAP Ferg, the Roots, Justin Beiber, Machine Gun Kelly, Wyclef, and many more. Under Peña's Saucy skill set and professional direction, OSFF was able to further craft their Heady Metal brand, and uniquely capture deep art rock influences as heard throughout Stuck.

One Step From Falling

One Step From Falling continue turning heads while touring the nation, from the Northern Country down to Gasoline Alley and across the Midwest to The Music Factory. Fans were awe inspired by a hypnotizing performance at Ink In Clink in 2017. OSFF performed at Rocklahoma 2018 as part of the official line up.

One Step From Falling

A Perfect Circle, Sevendust, Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment, All That Remains, 10 Years, Finger Eleven, Killswitch Engage, Wayne Static, Powerman 5000, Trivium, Trapt, Pop Evil, Edisun, Boy Hits Car, Shadows Fall, Otep, Green Jellö, Wayland, Earth Crisis, Crobot, Otherwise, Three Days Grace, Dog Fashion Disco, Eve to Adam, Motograter, American Head Charge and Knives Out are just a few of the bands that have had the pleasure to share the stage on more than one occasion with the trademark that is One Step From Falling.

Ty Gleason and Saluda Cymbals

A dynamic, palate-teasing the senses-separates One Step From Falling as just another cookie-cutter band. After concerts, music enthusiasts and first-time listeners alike flock to the meet and greet area to buy out One Step From Falling merchandise, insignia, and CDs; autographs and duplicates are in high demand to take home to friends and family, ensuring the far reach of the brand that is One Step From Falling's HEADY METAL!


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