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American Rock n Roll Drummer - Date of birth March 20 1957 - Place of birth Charleston SC

Started playing drums at age 13 - Started gigging in Jr High School

Self-taught  - Began as a love for playing music but quickly evolved into a passion to perform live.

Winston Claiborne Dirty Lix

Some early influences: John Bonham, Ginger Baker, Ron Bushy, Keith Moon, Ian Paice

Later influences: Neil Smith, Tommy Aldridge, Joey Kramer, Dave Grohl

Past bands and artists as drummer: 1970s Zeus, 1980s Risky Business, 1990s His Way Mine, 2014 Saluda River Swamp Cats,

2015 South 41 Crossroad, 2016 Nick Nickolson Band, 2017 Dirty Lix…current.

Winston uses Ludwig, Premier, and Yamaha drums.

Winston is endorsed by Saluda Cymbals and London Drumstick Co.

Winston is a conservationist and a lover of the outdoors and all things rock n roll.

Winston Claiborne Dirty Lix


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