Decadence Series Cymbals

Trade-In Program

Do you have cymbals, drums or other gear laying around? Turn it into new cymbals! Our highly successful trade-in program lets you turn your old gear into brand new bronze! Click here to find out more!

A Truly Custom Cymbal Experience

At Saluda, we create cymbals from high quality B20 Bronze alloy to meet the needs of any drummer - but unlike the big companies, we specialize in creating custom cymbals and sounds for individuals. Select a cymbal from one of our lines, then choose from a wide array of sound options (thickness, venting, lathing) and finish options (striped lathing, coloring, logos) and more!

We offer some of the best sounding and most unique looking B20 bronze cymbals on the planet! You really get your money's worth – full, complex, lively and versatile. Our cymbals come to life on stage where you, your band mates and your viewing audience will hear and feel the difference. Cymbals are a part of music; Let them be heard! Let them be felt!

Curtis Sanford and his Saluda Mist X Cymbals

Curtis Sanford