Welcome to our Custom Drum Division. Rarely does a company offer full Custom Drums and Custom Cymbals. We do! If you are considering a new drum kit, think Saluda and ask us how we can also offer a custom set of cymbals as well. You can even get free custom cymbals with your custom drum set! Call us or email us for your custom drums and cymbals.



Our direction for custom drums began in 2003. We have a list of creative designs to offer, such as this rainbow-chameleon, shown below, or something hand carved, as shown right.  Drummers will enjoy the amazing looks and sound from our kits. Add our custom cymbals to your kit for the full custom experience. We are the only company in the world to offer 100% custom, American maple/birch drums and b20 bronze, hand crafted cymbals! What other Custom Drum Company can offer a kit like shown below:


Kit in Exotic Maple Series with a high gloss red/black striped, sparkle, painted finish (Don't settle for wraps)! Kit features all Mist X & Diamond series cymbals!


Use your imagination, and Saluda, to build your unique drum kit.


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Like our Cymbal Division, we put incredible efforts and detail into our drum finishes. We offer anything from solid paints or stains/transparents, bursts, fades, stripes, etc. in satin oils to high glosses. Then, spice up your finish with sparkles, dust sparkles, candies, pearlescences and much more. Our finishes are in high grade Automotive (Urethanes) finishes. Detail your kit in a variety of lugs, rims, suspension mounts, floor tom cradles, and so much more. Accenting your drum's hardware in black, brass, or chrome. You can even pick from unlimited powdercoated colors for a distinct look.



PHONE: 1-803-446-8000


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Artwork Series: We even offer a full line of hand carved drums in our new Artworks Series! For the most distinguished look, check these out and have us hand carve you a beautiful set today!



Snare Drums = Hand Carved Custom!



Ask how you can get free cymbals with the purchase of a Custom Drum Kit!