October 1, 2023

Amazing Cymbal Auctions

We offer a lot of cymbal auctions, starting at $0.01. Bid, have fun and get great cymbals. You never know what you will find in our auction. You might find mega bell rides, lots of hand hammered prototypes, concept cymbals, pure titanium cymbals/gongs, one-of-a-kind cymbals, and much more. Check It Out

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March 13, 2022

Green Goddess Series

This cymbal line became on official series in February 2022. This series will replace our Decadence line of cymbals. The Green Goddess series features its unique bluish green coloring. We are still working on the coloring, from darker greens to a brighter, teal color. This series also allowed us to discover white cymbals. Our white […]

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