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** Trade-In Program **

Trade in your old/used drum gear: cymbals, drums, etc (anything of value) for our new, customized cymbals! Get a Fresh Sound and Look from your Cymbals! Email in Today For More Information!


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Looking for a Cymbal Endorsement?

Do you gig often and need incredible cymbals to express yourself at your shows?! We can offer top performance cymbals/sounds to enhance your drumming style and your band! Start Here


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Keep an eye on our forums and check the 'News' sections often. We have been working on a new Tesla series with a wild look and sound. There's plenty of other news upcoming...

  Stixx's Drum Set
All in the name of Customizing Your Cymbals! Contact Us Today!




Join our Cymbal/Drum Forum and enter our monthly contests to win free cymbals. Inside many people also discuss, show and even record their Saludas for all to see and hear!



That's right! We will host drum solo contests shortly in our forums so stop in and register. More details will be updated shortly. You will also be able to stop by Saluda and record your drum solo.



Coming will be able to send in your existing cymbals, of any brand, and we will customize them for you. These services include anything from thinning/lathing, hand hammering, venting, lathed stripe designs, finish design work and even repairing cracked cymbals!




** Welcome to Saluda Cymbals **


 We are the only true custom cymbal company around! With all the hype going around for custom drums, why not get a set of custom cymbals? We have a wide variety of cymbal series and plenty of customizing options. In most of our cymbal lines, you can tell us how you want the cymbals to sound. And in some of our cymbal lines, you can even tell us how you want them to look (as far as lathed striping)!


We only offer professional cymbals in B20 bronze alloy to give full, complex, lively and very versatile sounding cymbals. We offer some of the best sounding and most unique looking cymbals on the planet! You really get your money's worth. Our cymbals come to life on stage where you, your band mates and your viewing audience will hear and feel the difference. Cymbals are a part of music; Let them be heard! Let them be felt!



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Smoke's Custom Saluda Cymbals and Custom Tempus Drums! How Customized Are You?!!


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