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Please make sure you read through this entire page before applying for an endorsement. And, please understand that less than 1% of all endorsed drummers from all combined drum/cymbal companies are offered free/complimentary products. So, it is rare for anyone to get a full, free ride. Only the biggest of the big name drummers in the world get free deals. Many big name drummers don't even get a full/free ride.

What do we look for in an endorser? There are many factors that determine who does and who does not get an endorsement. The number one factor has to be the amount of gigs/shows performed. There are other factors that can help to obtain an endorsement, such as: name/band recognition, experience with our products, other endorsements, number of gigs/shows per month, venue size, venue rotation, crowd size, length of current/past and upcoming tours, whether the band is signed, air/TV rotation and much more. We also will want to review the band's web site and any social media sites if available.
Before sending your information, by email or mail, please make sure you are ready to send in all your information. We get too many incomplete press packs with little information. Your press pack should have your name, bands' name, any official web sites, (past, present and future gig/tour schedules), list of any other endorsements, and any recordable items, such as CD's, DVD's, video tapes, etc. Also, mention what endorsement level you are applying.

We have many different levels of endorsements (most are as follows) and this should directly let you know what level you will pre-qualify for:


  • Level 6 (Full) Endorsement: This is for those who can put our products into the fullest view of our target audience. The band is signed, possibly charting and on a world or large US tour, playing in the biggest arenas. The drummer is probably one of the top name drummers.

  • Level 5 (Test) Endorsement: This is for those who have other endorsements, performs on US/Worldwide tours, at medium to large sized venues (possibly some arenas) and headlines. The drummer either had radio/TV rotation or his/her band gets national airplay. The band has a very strong following and our products will be viewed by our target audience. The band is signed.

  • Level 4 (Mid Plus) Endorsement: This is for those performing on US/Worldwide tours at smaller to medium sized venues as a headliner. The band should be signed and the drummer should have other endorsements.

  • Level 3 (Mid) Endorsement: This is for those performing on US/Worldwide tours at smaller to medium sized venues as a headliner.

  • Level 2 (B+) Endorsement: This is for those performing on US/Worldwide tours at smaller to medium sized venues as an opener or doing smaller headline tours, probably not far from their hometown.

  • Level 1 (B) Endorsement: This is for those who are established with some recorded material, but they are still mostly playing locally (in the home State). The band also is probably still playing some covers mixed with their originals.


Again, please understand that just because you qualify for an endorsement, it does not mean you will automatically receive an endorsement. We get a lot of endorsement requests and we try to add a few new endorsers, as we can.


There are two ways to submit your press pack for an endorsement:


  1. Email your press pack to: with 'Endorsement' in the subject line.

  2. Mail your press pack to:

    Saluda Cymbals
    141 Pelham Drive #F-188

    Columbia, SC 29209

It is very important for those seeking a cymbal endorsement to try at least one of our professional line of cymbals: Mist X, Diamond, Earthworks, Nemesis, Decadence, Glory, Symbolic, etc. This will give you a good feel for our cymbals. Please use the 'How to Get Our Cymbals' link for more information on how to find our cymbals.



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